Vörunúmer: PTS1801


A little hideaway with a secret doorway to the world of imagination.


Putting up the tent will open a passage between this world and a parallel one. Be aware that when your little one enters the tepee, they will enter the world of yesterday, of tomorrow, the world of fantasy where they will meet their fairy tale friends, have an afternoon tea with them or will embark on an adventurous journey.

Just in case they don’t get lost, we have included a little bell in our set of wooden hanging pendants. Just ring the bell and your little one will return from wherever they were exploring.

This little tepee play tent is a younger and smaller brother of our spacious ooh noo play tent.  Because regardless of whether we have a small or big apartment, we all need a space of our own.

75% Cotton and 25% polyester and solid wood poles. Accessories made from: felt and rope

Size: Height 125 cm, width 100 cm, length 100 cm

Machine washable.
First, remove the wooden support sticks from the PLAY Tent. Next, machine wash the fabric at 30° C on a moderate spin cycle and then hang to dry.
Do not leave children under 36 months playing unattended.
Toy is intended to be assembled by an adult. The proper assembly shall be checked by an adult before use.